Artist Jim Sanders

Artist Jim Sanders


'Art isn't an aesthetic operation, it's a form of magic designed to be a mediator between this strange, hostile world and as a way of seizing the power by giving form to our terrors as well as our desires.' - Picasso

Sanders' work has a great affinity with Primitive, Outsider, or non Western Art, sharing their common concern with universal experiences of birth, love, sex, reproduction and death.

By employing contemporary art methodologies,referencing a vast range of visual languages, and anthropological connections, he pulls the past into the present

Sanders makes  comparisons between disparate social interactions across time in order to find and frame the essential questions of existence.  

He uses basic natural materials, discarded objects, a plethora of kitsch reliquaries and transforms them, restoring them to a strangely potent state of being.   The resulting articulated sculptural objects are monumental, often taking the form of an altar or shrine. His work is often ritualistic, but at the same time, anarchic, non-conformist, disputing the religious readings of his iconic contents. 

Sanders' work achieves a unified whole, but allows every element to retain its unique identity. With his distinct perceptive and practical skills, he liberates objects from their consignment to being reliquaries and through installations, sculpture, drawing, painting and collage, reconstructs them to give a powerful significance. Then, he hands them over to the viewer to invest with new meanings.  

Sanders has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and North America.