Meet the Curator: Stefania Dal Ferro, founder of Dadaprojects

by David Donno

Between 11th-24th December 2015, we are hosting an exciting exhibition curated by Dadaprojects. The exhibition includes renowned artists: Alex Binnie, Simon Dixon, Chris Kettle, David Levine, Paul Ostrer, Joseph Rossi, Jim Sanders and Sarah Shaw.

We meet Stefania Dal Ferro, founder of Dadaprojects to find out a little bit more...

Stefania Dal Ferro

Stefania Dal Ferro

1. What is Dadaprojects? / When did you start it.
Dadaprojects is a community interest company that was set up in 2010 to promote cultural exchange through the Arts. Our primary aim is to encourage the work of artists outside the conventional confines of the art scene. We run numerous projects across Europe that support education and creativity as well as collaborative projects and campaigns with other associations and schools. We have partnered with The Bookish Supper Salon to create Bookish Italy where we take a group of culture, food and literature lovers on tours of some of Italy's most beautiful cities, all with a bestselling author.

2. Why did you start it?
I founded Dadaprojects in memory of my mother, who dedicated her life to supporting the community. I want to redefine artistic justice through my projects and make sure that creative people have a way to promote their work outside conventional models and give them visibility in different countries. I am always thinking of innovative ways for artists to develop relationships with each other and I completely believe in the strength of artistic union. By using art as a common language, it is available to, and understood by, everybody.

3. Why did you choose these particular artists to get involved with the Dadaprojects exhibition at the gallery?
I wanted to bring together a group of artists with a range of different styles, techniques and mixed media form. I have had the pleasure of working with a few of them before and I like to challenge them and see the varied work that they come up with. I am really happy with the fantastic pieces that all eight artists have produced and always excited about what they'll do next. This exhibition has given them a chance to fill a blank space with the work of their choice, restricted only by dimensions; thus facilitating their artistic freedom, allowing them to expand, explore and collaborate.

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