Meet the Photographer - Klaudia Dietewich

by David Donno

Klaudia Dietewich

Klaudia Dietewich

Klaudia Dietewich is a prominent photographer from Germany who is exhibiting with the Naked Eye for the Plain Vanilla exhibition. Klaudia exhibited with us in another group show last year and we are pleased to have her road photography, printed on aluminium back again this year! In this blog post we get to know the photographer behind the lens a little bit better....

1. What is the role of the artist in society?

Artists deal with the world we live in. When their art reaches the beholder, and touches them, new perspectives open up, discussions may be triggered and changes may be initiated.

2. How has your photography evolved? How do you see it evolving in the future?

My conceptual approach is getting stronger and more focused and I have diversified my techniques and materials. 

3. What does art mean to you?

For me art is work and challenge but also freedom, felicity and satisfaction.

4. In your opinion, what makes a memorable piece of art?

Such a piece of art must touch me and enthuse me. It must be aesthetic and has to have social or political relevance.

Road Markings, Old Steine, Brighton - Klaudia Dietewich

Road Markings, Old Steine, Brighton - Klaudia Dietewich

5. Where do you find your inspiration?

Cities are my places of inspiration including all locations shaped and affected by people. This is where I discover traces of life lived; raising the question of what remains of us and of the world as we know it.

6. What artists/photographers have inspired you?

The concepts and approaches of Robert Rauschenberg and Marcel Duchamp were important for me, but others too.

7. How do you know when a piece of work is completed? 

When I believe the selection and clipping of motifs and their overall arrangement has the strength to transport the idea the work is based upon.

8. What do you hope the viewers will take away from your artwork? 

That it is worth walking through the world with open mind and open eyes to see its surprising beauty which is not always visible on first sight, and to draw attention to the things around us which can be overlooked.

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